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New Concept In Children’s Play

GD Goenka Toddler House was established to provide little ones with a teaching space that ensures proper care, attention, and the overall development of children throughout their lives. Our Toddler House provides exercises of practical life, sensorial activities, arithmetic & logical activities, languages and social activities, and life skills activities which help children evolve their belief, intelligence, social and emotional skills, motor skills to make choices, become self-sufficient and to take the sum of their own learning. The safe and child-friendly environment gives children the opportunity to find, engage, explore, and learn knowingly. Children have freedom of choice, and hence they are not imposed on to do any activity, but rather motivated and encouraged to try out new things. We at Toddler House believe in building the overall personality of children by adding good habits and manners, setting cultural, social, and moral values, discipline, and developing independence in children. Toddlers are disclosed to both individuals and groups that are mostly hands-on, providing learning opportunities that are very close to real life. Learning at GD Goenka Toddler House takes place in an entirely play-based way, making it fun and adventurous every step of the way.

We have highly qualified teachers and well-trained staff that help in the overall nurturing of the children. With the best use of technology, our teachers educate the students in a smart way. GD Goenka’s Toddler House prime goal is to authorize a child with a chain of learning processes. This new way of learning will let him outshine in the society thereby building his overall personality. During the beginning years of the study cycle, children have an impressionable mind and can easily adapt to the ecosystem of learning.

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Our mission is to give premium quality education and childcare in a safe, secure, respectful, and all-around environment that will produce a chance for children to develop and grow in a positive manner through appropriate role modeling, that will in return build a foundation for life-long learning.


1. All children at the school feel loved, respected, and motivated to grow to their fullest potential
2. To enhance positive development in the lives of all children
3. To embrace an integrated method that helps a child develop their social, physical, emotional, and cognitive abilities.


GD Goenka’s Toddler House's main goal is to give a response to the voice call of tomorrow while preparing emerging leaders, as it is our tagline”. We don’t make kids ready just for school, we prepare them for life.”

We are dedicated and devoted to implant a combination of skills, knowledge, values and culture in our children to give them a voice of future and their life.
We are committed and faithful to inserting a combination of skills, knowledge, values, and culture into our children to give them a voice in the future and their lives. We see and examine today’s children as tomorrow’s leaders. Our learning environment is child-centric, which allows each child to understand his/her own learning style and skills while our curriculum helps him or her find his/her own creativity and aesthetic potential.


1.Every child is unique.
2. Every child learns best through actual monitoring as each child has boundless potential.
3. Every child is born with an inner want to grasp.
4. Every child learns and builds his/her understanding and skills in various ways.
5. We don’t make ready kids just for school, we make them ready for life.