Lucknow’s Best Playgroup and Playschool ‘GD Goenka Toddler House’

Are you trying to find Lucknow’s top playschool? You are in the right place. GD Goenka Toddler House is Lucknow’s best play group school. The early-childhood development is the most crucial moments. The best playgroup and playschool in Lucknow, Our Toddler House, offers a nurturing environment that enhances the growth and development of all infants and toddlers.

Our Toddler House, the best play school in Lucknow, teaches your kids “play-skills” that help to build a better and brighter future. We also have classrooms, play areas, care facilities, and outdoor spaces. Flowers require a lot of care and attention to become more beautiful. Similarly, children must be carved out of their inclinations and effectively trained to benefit society. We give your child with nourishment and extra care through means and methods that are reliable and fresh for early childhood development.

As the best playschool in Lucknow, the guiding principle of ‘GD Goenka Toddler House’ is to deliver education as a lifetime spiraling process, including the evolution of mind and fulfillment of senses, where infants and toddlers can study the intricate pattern of elementary curriculum provided in a fun-learning style, under the leadership of caring and loving teachers.

Activities Involved

  1. Sensory and Perception skills
  2. Self-help and development
  3. Understanding of Language
  4. Physical and Motor Skills
  5. Social and Emotional Growth
  6. Celebration of festivals and special days
  7. Concept Based Picnics
  8. Puppet showse
  9. Teaching Sharing & Eating Habits
  10. Story Time
  11. Water Play
  12. Sand Play
  13. Creative Time



Every child starts exploring the world around him or her as soon as he or she is born. The best playgroup or playschool in Lucknow is GD Goenka Toddler House, which allows a child to continue his or her discovery in a safe environment that is rich in chances for your child’s development, growth and learning. At this point, we’re adopting the ‘play approach’ to ensure that the lesson kids learn sticks with them forever.

Our best playgroup school in Lucknow offers preschool experiences such as sand and water play, music and movement, storytelling, rhymes with actions, adventure play, fine motor and gross motor skills, pincer gripping, animal sounds, jolly phonics, and so on, as well as the opportunity to socialise with other children. That’s why our toddler house is famous as the lucknow’s best playschool. A playgroup helps children’s language development and communication, and it gives a space for children to participate in and enjoy new activities. Provide a proper framework for youngsters to study and develop new abilities. Allow your children to play with a variety of toys and equipment. It provides a safe and cheerful atmosphere for children and helps them prepare for formal learning. It also enables them to participate in events and programmes.

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